Condition Surveys & Schedules of Condition,[iframe]
Condition surveys and schedules of condition can be required for numerous reasons and record the condition of a property at a fixed point in time.

Condition surveys usually comprise a photographic record of the building accompanied by a written descriptive narrative. Where appropriate we are able to inspect roofs by hiring a cherry picker. A condition survey is not the same as a building survey.

Our Condition Surveys have been used for the following purposes:
to record a buildings condition at the commencement of a lease
to record condition and enable a planned maintenance programme to be prepared and costed
to record the condition of a building before the building works commence on adjoining sites
to provide a regular biannual record of condition of a large property portfolio and to monitor the maintenance and deterioration of that portfolio
to accompany Party wall Awards
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Examples of Condition Surveys:

Condition surveys - exterior of high street shops
Office Accommodation - Central London, Schedule of Condition to accompany new lease
Condition surveys - exterior of commercial shop vacancy
Vacant Shop Accommodation - Wiltshire. Condition Survey to accompany Listed Building Application
Condition surveys - exterior of residential block
Residential Apartment Block - Greenwich, London. Schedule of Condition prior to neighbouring construction
Condition surveys - exterior of flats
Residential Apartment Block - North London. Condition Survey to form basis of priced planned maintenance schedule to enable future service charges to be calculated
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