Disabled Access & the Disability Discrimination Act

Disabled access - exterior of coverted flats requiring disabled access
Disabled access - exterior of pub showing ramp for disabled access
Disabled access - diagram showing dimensions of disabled parking spaces
Disabled access - exterior of Hythe sports pavillion showing the requirement of disabled access to public spaces
Collier Stevens are a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors who have particular experience in inspecting and auditing the built environment to assist property owners meet their obligations under DDA legislation.

Are you aware of the Disabled Access provisions contained within the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)? Disabled Access is now a legislative requirement for all organisations and companies providing a service or facility to the public. From October 2004 you have to have made reasonable alterations to your property to accommodate the disabled.
Disabled Access Consultants.

Initially Collier Stevens are able to undertake a Disabled Access Audit of your property or property portfolio to establish exactly what (if anything) you need to do. Our advice is comprehensive, accurate and most importantly considered in the context of your business or service. We are able to prepare design schemes and oversee alteration works if necessary. Alterations to provide Disabled Access need not be expensive and with a trained eye looking at your premises through a detailed Disabled Access Audit, it may well be that no changes will be required. (Please note that although we specialise in assessing buildings and how they can be altered, we are NOT able to give general legal advice as to the application of the DDA act). Click the links in the side navigation for more disabled access information, call us on 020 8295 1200 or Contact Us. Although we are based in London we can address Disabled Access issues across the country, our Clients include Police Authorities, local Authorities, Education Earth, Schools, Colleges and hospitals as well as small business owners from corner shops to recruitment consultants.

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